The UCLA Vine Street Clinic (UVSC) is the only UCLA outpatient research clinic located in Hollywood. CBAM opened the site in 2005 in order to study the spread of HIV among networks of methamphetamine users. Since that time, it has evolved into a multidisciplinary site for clinical trials, behavioral research, and direct services with a focus on treating addiction, preventing the spread of HIV, and the intersection of the two.

Nearly 5,000 Angelenos have come through our doors for three important reasons:

1) To receive medications not yet available in their doctors’ offices in an expertly monitored and safe environment.

2) To participate in cutting edge science that will help them personally and serve the wellbeing of future generations.

3) To receive the care and support of our dedicated staff and clinicians.

A former patient wrote to us months after completing a research study and said, “You are all very important people to me still. I am very grateful to the entire staff for helping me during a difficult period.”

In addition, UVSC hosts weekly SMART Recovery Meetings and partners with the LA County Department of Public Health to offer free condoms.

To learn more about UVSC:

-Visit our webpage.
-Call 866-449-UCLA
-Email us at


CBAM is a multidisciplinary center that seeks to advance the prevention and treatment of chronic illnesses, especially in communities with health disparities. As part of the UCLA Department of Family Medicine, CBAM works at the intersection of academia and community with a focus on treating addictions and preventing the spread of HIV.

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