DESCRIPTION: Funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (U01 DA017394), this project was a part of the SATHCAP (Sexual Acquisition and Transmission of HIV Cooperative Agreement program). The primary purpose of the main study was to determine the extent to which HIV infections spread through drug-related and sexual transmission behaviors. We also sought to identify the individual, network, and structural characteristics that influence the speed, extent and path of transmission. Learn more about the SATHCAP here:

OUTCOMES: Due in part to the use of respondent-driven sampling, the average participant in this study was surprisingly older (early 40’s), male, African American or Latino, unemployed and marginally housed, with a majority reporting drug use within the last 30 days. Rates of HIV infection here high. Findings from this study were used to advise development and roll-out of the HPTN 061 and 073 trials at the UCLA Vine Street Clinic. It also preceded the MASCULINE Cohort, rolling out in 2014.

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