DESCRIPTION: This was a sub-study of the project “HIV/STD Risk Behaviors in Methamphetamine User Networks”. It sought measure the prevalence anal human papillomavirus (HPV) among HIV-negative MSM who use methamphetamine compared to those who do not use methamphetamine.

OUTCOMES: The supplemental project extends the breadth of research findings in the main study by documenting that the primary drivers of high-risk anal HPV are linked to HIV-infection, MSMW behaviors, and being African American. Use of methamphetamine was not a significant predictor of HPV infection.

  1. Cranston RD, Murphy R, Weiss RE, Da Costa M, Palefsky J, Shoptaw S, Gorbach PM. Anal human papillomavirus infection in a street-based sample of drug using HIV-positive men. Int J STD AIDS. 2012 Mar;23(3):195-200. PMC in progress.