DESCRIPTION: This study sought to establish methods of using real-time social networking data for HIV prevention by assessing 1) whether geolocated conversations about HIV risk behaviors can be extracted from social networking data, 2) the prevalence and content of these conversations, and 3) the feasibility of using HIV risk-related real-time social media conversations as a method to detect HIV outcomes.

OUTCOMES: Over 9800 geolocated tweets were extracted and used to create a map displaying the geographical location of HIV-related tweets. There was a significant positive relationship (p < .01) between HIV-related tweets and HIV cases. Results suggest the feasibility of using social networking data as a method for devaluating and detecting HIV risk behaviors and outcomes.

  1. Young SD, Rivers C, Lewis B. Methods of using real-time social media technologies for detection and remote monitoring of HIV outcomes. Preventive Medicine. 2014 8 Feb (Epub Ahead of Print). PMC ID: PMC in progress.