CBAM Receives Award From the California Community Foundation

CCFLogoUCLA CBAM received a grant of $102,472 from the California Community Foundation to study the links between mental health and biological predictors of health outcomes in a cohort of primarily minority men who have sex with men (MSM) who are HIV positive. This is a population with low rates of viral suppression, a key measure of health outcomes for those affected by HIV. Viral suppression is an indicator, not only of overall health, but of transmission risk as those who are virally suppressed present a negligible risk to transmit HIV to another person. For this reason, ensuring that HIV-positive people are able to attain viral suppression is of import for both the HIV-positive and HIV-negative communities. Findings from this project will expand the base of evidence that informs policy makers of how best to allocate their resources.

The California Community Foundation’s mission is to lead positive systemic change that strengthens local communities. We are honored to have been chosen as one of their grantees in the quest to build a healthier Los Angeles.



CBAM is a multidisciplinary center that seeks to advance the prevention and treatment of chronic illnesses, especially in communities with health disparities. As part of the UCLA Department of Family Medicine, CBAM works at the intersection of academia and community with a focus on treating addictions and preventing the spread of HIV.

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