Speed Kills: A look at the effects of meth use, tobacco use, and HIV among gay and bisexual men 20 years later

CBAM has been working for decades on issues surrounding substance use and HIV. Through our research, we seek to better understand the impact of substance use on HIV transmission and progression and on general health.

In a recent study published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence, our researchers compared gay and bisexual men with methamphetamine dependence to matched controls and found that death rates were three times higher in methamphetamine-dependent individuals than in the control group. Even more startling, those who used tobacco and were HIV positive had a death rate five times higher than the control group. Understanding these interactions is critical to improving health outcomes in high-risk communities.

To learn more, visit the publications page on our website by clicking here, where you can find a more detailed summary and a link to the full article.


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